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Jenny Transportation LLC is a dedicated and professional company that strives to exceed in the freight industry. We are a medium size fleet looking to expand and excel in both driver satisfation as well as customer service.



Jenny Transportation is family run and operated. We strive to provide our drivers with a safe and friendly work environment. Forced dispatch is not tolerated. Our drivers run 2600- 3000 miles a week. Drivers are paid on a weekly bases either through direct deposit or paper check. We offer on road cash advances, giving drivers a more pleasant experience while on the road.


Our drivers run on paper logs and we audit 100% of those logs for accuracy and completeness. It is our goal to run a safe fleet and make sure that our drivers are safe on the road. We offer a safety bonus to our drivers as well as safety training whenever it is needed. All trucks are governed adding additional safety to both the drivers as well as the other individuals on the road.


At Jenny Transportation there is someone available 24/7 offering drivers a piece of mind if any issues arise on the road.



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